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Let our intellectual property experts help you make informed decisions on how you can protect your research and innovation in the sector of life sciences and tech, software and AI. Proper protection and positioning of the assets are crucial to secure financing, collaborations and successful commercialization.

Clients turn to us for strategic advice in the early stages of positioning their innovation for maximum opportunities. Our advice is based on our knowledge and experience in investments and go-to-market strategies and we provide creative and practical advice to meet those goals.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Helping organisations maximise their use of artificial intelligence (AI). We advise academia, suppliers of AI and buyers of AI solutions, and we know what it takes to do a successful project. Learn more about our legal services within the AI field.

Innovation Support

Optimise your innovation's success by choosing us as your legal partner. We are knowledgeable in the innovation system and business models and can provide you with practical and creative legal advice.

Intellectual Property

Protect your assets to commercialize them. We can do just that - creating the optimal protection to both protect and position your assets for monetisation.

New and Emerging Technologies

Let us help you to navigate how to use the new and emerging technologies best. Our team of lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in solving tomorrow’s legal issues today. Whether your venture is commercializing Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, nanotechnology applications, social networking, or next-generation robotics, we are here to help. Be proactive and manage the business issues with critical legal implications: • How you can use insights from a group’s personal data to create new or enhanced services (Data Privacy) • How to ensure that information collected by the technology may be used as intended when things go wrong (law of evidence) • What you can do to optimize the protection of your assets (Patent law, Copyright law and Trade Secret laws)

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