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IP Strategy

An IP strategy is a central part of your company’s business strategy. It states how the company best positions itself to gain advantages in light of the technical landscape, what the competition looks like and how you get the best value from your assets. We have helped many startups and technology companies to develop their IP strategy.

Basic IP Strategy to start with could be:

  • To lock out competitors from and raise the threshold for the next generation of product/service;
  • To avoid and design around an aggressive competitor or competitive product/service category; or
  • To maintain its market position through a secrecy strategy.

Price example:

Validation of Basic IPR Strategy = approx. SEK 20 000 (excl. VAT). “Basic” means a limited examination and analysis where the material is compiled by the customer and an interview with the CEO / CTO takes place by video meeting, email and answering a checklist.
The deliverable includes:

  • Determination of assignments and submission of information
  • Review of business plan
  • Search in public registers (trademarks, domains, company names)
  • Overall interview with the CEO / CTO by email
  • Preparation of 2-page report
  • Idea discussion by phone or video meeting.

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