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Do you want to work at one of the leading niche firms where sharp business law meets developing and exciting business?
We are regularly looking for lawyers at the beginning of their careers, interns as well as more experienced people.

Our job vacancies

We are looking for the following:

There are currently no vacancies.


Spontaneous application & inquiries

If we do not have a job out right now that is what you are looking for but still think you are a good addition to our team, you are always welcome to make a spontaneous application. Tell us who you are and what you want to do so we may find an opportunity for you, now or later.

Send your application with resume, personal letter and grades to Questions can be asked to the HR manager or to Partner Sofia Edvardsen by email or phone 08-12443350.

The work you do with us

Business law firm Sharp Cookie Advisors specializes in IT-oriented business law such as Internet law, data protection and IT security, IT agreements, investment support, M&A for digital companies and commercial agreements. Our clients are a mix between larger companies, international groups, organizations and startups that require the combination of business-related advice and cutting-edge expertise in law.

With us, you will get to work with clients and cases that create market practices in IT law, data protection and digital services. If you have the combination of talent, drive and interest we are looking for, you will be able to develop quickly. You will be supervised by our partner Sofia Edvardsen, who is one of Sweden’s leading lawyers in the field. Our law firm is a hub of international data protection law since we operate the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) network in Sweden. In addition, you will become a new member of our lovely tech community with our clients.

If you are looking for meaningful and challenging law, we are the right place for you.

For students – internship, summer associate & talent pool

For students before graduation, we offer the opportunity to gain experience in different forms. We accept interns from some courses where you get a brief insight into our business with a few weeks to assist in the various cases.

We also have a few positions every year in our program for summer associates. Then you will have the opportunity to see a little more variating matters during 6-7 weeks. You also get to take part in our training which has ambitions to lift students in advanced IT law, business law as well as practical tools for modern lawyers.

We also offer students the opportunity for extra jobs in our talent pool. There you get the opportunity to work with us for a little longer over a few hours a week. More information about it is in progress – contact us if you are interested in being involved early in our build-up of this!

Master thesis

Contact us when you are about to write your thesis in business law if you are interested in IT, privacy, tech and internet law. We can help you find legally interesting topics that are relevant in a business or commercial context.

Jobs with a law degree and early in the career

We regularly look for lawyers with prominent academic qualifications who have recently graduated or with some years of work experience from companies, law firms or other relevant organisations.

If you have a background in finance, technology, marketing, business or other business, it is to your advantage (in addition to proof that you are curious and have fun).

Qualities we value & relevant experience

We are looking for people with a talent for their area and who are good at collaborating with colleagues and clients. For our services in law, we value good academic merit and great interest in IT law and business. We offer market-based compensation with the opportunity for good salary development and bonuses for more qualified roles.

Those who start working with us usually have strong qualities like the following:

- Law degree with good grades
- Good references
-  Commitment to actively building an expansive business
- Drive to become a leading expert in tech and internet law
- Curiosity about business and enterprise
- Ability to work independently
- Very good cooperative ability
- Creative problem solver
- Skilled to express yourself in speech and writing
Antalet anmälningar om incidenter kan bli allmän handling - dom från Kammarrätten om sekretess enl. 18 kap 8 § 3 OSL. PDF
Court rejects @Google appeal in #RTBF case - Analysis from #IAPP @PrivacyPros
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