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About us

Sharp Cookie Advisors is a business law firm focusing on tech and digital markets (internet, software, digital media, cloud and mobile applications) based in Stockholm. We know what it takes to grow a business, stay compliant, and utilise technology in the most legally efficient way possible. Our team of lawyers will work with you and your team to achieve your goals in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible so you can focus on growing your business.

Typical clients

For the last five years, we have been committed to developing and advising small, medium-sized, to listed global enterprises in the legal and digital areas of law. In our team, we have handled over 1,000 cases for our clients, from overall corporate advice, data security, and technology law to individualised solutions depending on each client’s needs.

  • The typical small to medium business use our wide range of business law services like shareholders agreement, software licenses, SaaS terms, procurement, data protection compliance strategy, and take our advice when raising capital or selling their company.
  • The typical larger international corporation uses our legal expertise in data protection and technology law.
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Cloud Infrastructure
Together with our Cloud & Infrastructure clients we set industry standards. We are solution-driven and give pragmatic and creative advice in all things cloud computing and IT-infrastructure. With our expertise in software, negotiations, data protection and regulatory we advice both CSPs and purc...
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Consumer & Retail
We create best practices with our retail clients in how to use advanced analytics and insights from consumer data to offer added services and greater customer value. We offer practical and creative advice in combining the online and offline customer experience, integrating emerging technologies in a...
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Clients in the healthcare sector need advisors that understand the business model of the industry, in combination with the innovation and regulatory landscape of issues of finance, big data and data analytics, compliance and data protection,  Our lawyers provide knowledgeable advice in regulato...
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Internet of Things (IoT)
More objects are embedded with sensors and have the ability to communicate. These information networks – the Internet-of-Things – can create new business models, improve business processes and reduce companies’ costs and risks. Our team of lawyers provide knowledgeable advice in intellectual propert...
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Media & Publishing
Our practice combines commercial media and intellectual property expertise with market-leading big data and data protection capabilities. Our lawyers provide advice in digital media, interactive content, exploitation of entertainment properties, VR games, advertising, sponsorship and endorsement, da...
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Get direct and practical legal advice that support your startup. Resources may be scarce but great legal advice is not – if you turn to us. You can trust us to point out what business issues to prioritise in the near term and what legal issues you may park for the short term. Our practice […]...
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Founding Partner

Sofia Edvardsen

Long practical experience and driving thought leadership in cloud computing, software licensing, technology transactions and data protection.
Background in tech/innovation organisations and lawyer at Baker McKenzie.
Master of Laws, Göteborg University 2006
Master ICM, Chalmers University of Technology 2006
CIPP/E 2017
Get to know Sofia
Explain, Simplify & Improve​

Mission, vision & founder's story

We are rooted in the philosophy that decision-makers need actionable legal advice. Advice that improves the decision process, not merely adds another layer of complexity. Relevant, insightful, high-quality legal services that can be adapted to the startup in hypergrowth as well as to the established enterprise seeking expert advice. We’re your IT law firm of choice and we’d love to hear about the technical details.

Read more about our Mission, vision & founder’s story here

Antalet anmälningar om incidenter kan bli allmän handling - dom från Kammarrätten om sekretess enl. 18 kap 8 § 3 OSL. PDF
Court rejects @Google appeal in #RTBF case - Analysis from #IAPP @PrivacyPros
Växer verksamheten & ni behöver knoppa av ett affärsområde? Då kan ni behöva flytta avtal inom koncernen. Se våra tips


Do you want to work at one of the leading niche firms where sharp business law meets developing and exciting business? We are regularly looking for lawyers at the
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Expert areas

Business models & tailored legal frameworks

When a simple standard solution is not good enough, we offer tailor-made. Many of our clients are innovating the future and seek legal advice in emerging areas of technology such as AI and legal tech. 

  1. We design our legal advice and contracts to address your specific needs.
  2. Use legal solutions that actually works and get peace of mind and greater security for your business.
  3. Let us solve legal issues before they arise and keep your focus on growing your business.

Software, SaaS and cloud agreements - best practice advice

Let us advise on how you develop, protect and commercialise your software, SaaS and cloud service offerings. We are knowledgeable in technology, best practice and the relevant business models. We can support your business’ application deployment from traditional on-premise to cloud-based. Whether you need help to review a standard IT agreement, support in a complex outsourcing negotiation – we provide direct, practical and easy to understand legal and business advice. 

Key services

  • Develop SaaS agreements based on your business model and avoiding common negotiation pitfalls
  • Draft software licensing agreements striking the right balance between the developer’s and purchaser’s interest
  • Build upon the industry-standard IT&Telekomföretagen’s Standard Terms
  • Leading the risk assessments and Schrems II advice for international cloud service providers (CSPs)
  • Leading complex negotiations for SaaS Provider and Cloud Service Providers with customers in regulated markets (e.g. public sector, healthcare)

Key capabilities & experience

  • Practical knowledge of virtualisation and its impact on software licensing and SaaS agreements
  • Experience of smart terms of service agreements for cloud services that the customers accept and drive the SaaS vendor’s growth
  • Real-world experience in dealing with the supervisory authorities Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen) and Swedish Data Protection Authority (Sw. Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten).

GDPR expertise partaking in developing industry practice

We have leading expertise in GDPR and data privacy. 

  • Leading numerous Nordic privacy compliance projects and carrying out comprehensive data protection compliance assessments and audits.
  • Leading organisations to devise and implement workable strategies to legitimise global data flows – in particular with a focus on cloud services, health data, data analytics and online marketing.
  • We act as Data Protection Officer for international clients within the field of healthcare, digital marketing and cloud services.
  • Leading several high-profile clients’ enforcement actions vs the Swedish Data Protection Authority.
Our team have in-house legal and quantitative analytics of GDPR sanctions that provides a leading understanding of risks and enforcement. 
  • Real-world understanding of enforcement, best practice and aggravating or mitigating circumstances
  • Quantitative support for estimating risk and fines based on the type of breach, industry and geographic presence
  • Insight to country variations increases understanding of development due to harmonising enforcement across EU
  • Featured experts in the industry press
  • Partner Sofia Edvardsen is the Sweden chair of IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals)

Tips & articles

With a deep interest in law, technology and business strategy, which we are constantly exploring, we get many insights that we would like to share with you.

Listen to Sofia in this podcast episode on the DPO role.

Thought leadership and media/press comments (links to articles and interviews)

More guides, tips and content from us and our partners – Tips & Articles.

How We Charge

Your legal cost shall be reasonable, predictable and proportionate to the value it delivers

Often fixed prices

We can often offer fixed prices for predictable costs.


Bundled legal services and routine work offered to a low blended rate.


For your needs over time, we can set up a retainer for recurring time per week/month.

Discounts / pro bono for charities
If you are a charity organisation please contact us and we may provide you with our services on special terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a lawyer cost per hour? The hourly rates depend on which field of expertise and experience the lawyer has. Fields of expertise that
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Typical case & process

Plan of action Getting Started Have a clear objective in mind Scope your business objectives before seeking advice, this will give you better quality and
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Service categories

As your trusted business law firm, we understand that you need advice that is tailored to your business model and needs. Whether you are a small business, a startup in the early stages or a mature enterprise seeking competent advice – you are welcome to contact us.

We will take care of all the aspects you have set priorities for, including advising on legal issues, contract drafting, negotiating business transactions and supporting your business development. 

Let's get in touch

No obligations for the first contact; clear costs; confirmation before billing starts and often fixed prices.
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