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Take care of your business by choosing a legal partner that understands what you do. We know business law - you will benefit from our clear agreements tailored to your business needs that will help you negotiate the crucial contracts, such as IT services, Cloud Computing, SaaS services, General Terms of Sale, Joint Venture Agreements, and Outsourcing Agreements.

Our team of business lawyers will support your business in all aspects of corporate life and business law, be it preparing the legal documents for startups, co-founders agreements, investor negotiation and drafting other corporate contracts.

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Negotiation, Term Sheet, LOI and NDA

As you take charge of your sales process and negotiation, we will help you all the way, driving the process from a commercial standpoint. Our objective is to get you the deal you want in the shortest possible time. We do not like to waste productive time – yours or ours – focusing too much on the minor issues that do not create business value. Depending on the type of transaction or deal, we can offer various models of charging our business law advice. How a negotiation will develop is not always clear from the outset, so it is difficult to provide fixed fees or estimations of total costs. Our clients prefer to set a budget for the different phases of the negotiation and prepay a retainer sum from which we can deduct our work. Such a model provides us both with benefits – the client receives reduced legal fees and cost management while receiving security in getting paid our work’s value.

Review and second opinion

Our experienced business lawyers can help you review your organisation’s templates and proposals from other parties, ensuring that you do not miss any unknowns and safeguard your business interests. We know business law and are well versed in most business law agreements, from the standard agreements of NDA, Consultancy agreements, data processing agreement to more complex and tailored contracts of the investment agreement, reseller agreement and various customer contracts. Depending on your needs and preferences, we offer our business legal services in a combination of fixed and volume-based pricing.


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