We are a business law firm specialising in tech companies and growth in the digital market (internet, software, digital media, cloud services and mobile applications). Clients turn to us for strategic legal advice in data-driven business models, digital product development, outsourcing, transactions and data protection issues.

Our business areas are Contracts, Software Licensing, Electronic Commerce (E-commerce), Data Protection, Intellectual Property and International Transactions for Technology and Digital Ventures, Outsourcing and Startup Law. Recent customers are a European Data Center and Internet Service Provider, an international media group, social service organisation and a Swedish software provider.

Sharp Cookie Advisor's goal is to make it quick, easy and affordable for you to get the support you need to develop and protect your business. We have experience in how companies best handle digitalisation and benefit from increased user data.

We offer a number of business law services ranging from rules how companies are created and managed, how different business agreements are regulated in writing, how your company can define and develop its technology and knowledge, how to defend your interests in a dispute with a business partner, how your company will act on the internet and in the media, what you should and should think about when communicating and marketing your products and services to your customers, etc.

We want to make it quick, easy, affordable to work with and we strive to be fun enough to make you want to come back, have a break with us and recommend us to your contacts.

What we can help you with

Business support
Get a quick opinion from a lawyer. Let's do a "sanity check" of your work at a fixed price: 1. You get an initial reconciliation of the legal pieces of your digital business model so you are safe in front of customers' questions and requirements 2. You have, on your own, made a draft agreement for a customer agreement, shareholder agreement, NDA (etc.) and you receive effective points from our lawyer 3. You may be introduced to our investor network 4. You will receive a reconciliation of how your personal data strategy is in accordance with applicable law 5. Let's review your pitch to investors so we together find improvement points and risks to make your pitch successful

Investor support
We are proud to have been awarded the stamp of "technology-friendly law firm" after our founder's work with leading entrepreneurs and their advisors for many years. We know how to make your job easier. Help us to: 1. Scouting and analysis of valuable tech companies, mainly within ICT 2. Mediation of contact with founders 3. Support for the purchase of legal services, negotiation of fees, project management and coordination 4. Assistance in the legal analysis of a target company 5. Arrange network meetings with our network

Development support
Successful product, service and / or technology development takes place in tandem with market opportunities, understanding where the development is heading and insight and control of the company's own assets. We have assisted successful companies in: 1. Develop a simple IP strategy 2. Evaluate and create an advanced IP strategy 3. Assist in the application of e.g. brand protection 4. Assist in the establishment of commercial agreements such as technology transfer agreement, license agreement. consultancy agreements and cooperation agreements


We offer simple, fast and efficient legal services for your digital investments (internet, software, digital media, cloud services and mobile) - without losing focus on the user experience and the business.

We have many years of experience in assisting international and Swedish large and small companies in digitizing the service sector, the transition to SaaS services, the creation of e-commerce platforms, viral mobile applications, software tools for the school environment, cloud services, big data analysis and building a good website.

Most websites today do not have sufficient terms of use and personal data and privacy policy, which means that these sites are unnecessarily exposed to costly legal processes. Lacking the right conditions can also mean that you are not allowed to work in industries such as finance (fintech), legal tools (legal technology), or cloud services (cloud-as-a-service), school environment (edtech) or obtain card redemption agreements with your bank.

We like and understand user experience online, search engine optimization and conversion of visitor streams and are happy to help you manage risks and optimize your business.


We can help your organisation achieve GDPR compliance. We have a team of experienced practitioners who understand what it takes to comply with legal requirements in a way that is optimised for your business priorities.

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Corporate law
We make it quick, easy and affordable to take the support of a competent lawyer - whether it is for individual issues, projects or longer collaborations. We have broad expertise in business law in Sweden, the Nordic countries and the habit of leading projects within the EU and further towards the USA, South America, Africa and Asia. We assist our corporate customers, including in: 1. Starting your own company 2. Publishing on the web and social media 3. Recurring support as a corporate lawyer 4. Internet Law and Commercial Online Law 5. Personal data and privacy 6. IT law such as cloud 7. Intellectual 8. Consumer and market law

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