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The market for online law, e-commerce and marketing has snowballed over the past decade. Businesses have become increasingly dependent on their websites to reach their target audiences and have struggled to keep up with the legal implications of doing business online. Our experienced lawyers can help you with the legal consequences of the emerging new technologies, including e-commerce user agreements and privacy policies, online consumer contracts, security breach notification laws, spam and unsolicited e-mail marketing.

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Online marketing and e-privacy

The digital marketing industry is facing an increasingly complex regulatory environment. With legislation from beyond Europe affecting all online companies and ad content, you must keep up to speed and approach legal matters for your business with the right advice. Our team of experts draw on a wide range of skills across multiple areas to provide bespoke advice for online marketing and e-privacy issues.

Terms of use, privacy policy and domains

If you do not have the appropriate terms of use, privacy policy and domain names, you may be exposed to costly legal proceedings. Also, lack of correct terms can mean that you are not allowed to work in industries such as financing (fintech), legal tools (legal tech), or cloud services (cloud-as-a-service), school environment (edtech) or get a card redemption agreement with your bank (if you are an e-commerce actor). We understand user experience online, search engine optimization, and visitor flows conversion and are happy to provide legal advice.

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