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We provide investors with scouting and legal analysis of technologies due diligence of target companies, Post-Merger Integration, Support company group and portfolio companies.

Our team of lawyers helps entrepreneurs in technology companies of all stages, from "idea" to capitalization and growth stages. We maintain a network of investors and provide support for the negotiation process with them. This includes evaluating investment agreements (term sheets, share purchase agreements), optimizing business plans, negotiation for investment or acquisition, capital increase and fundraising documents.

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Buying or selling a company

We help both buyers and sellers of companies whether it is structured as a share purchase or asset purchase. We are exceptionally knowledgeable about where the target company has technology assets or is active in a digital market. Our business model is adapted for the scope of your needs – from retainer with reduced prices for negotiations to price estimates or fixed fees for more defined assignments such as due diligence or reviews of share purchase agreements.

Raising capital

To develop and make your company more attractive to investors, we offer broad support in business law. Before initiating the discussion with the investors, we will strengthen and develop the business plan's quality and legal conditions. The goal is to create real value that will transfer into a reasonable valuation, relevant terms and good interest from the right investor. We help sellers through the entire process – from the phase Inventory & Development, where we will perform due diligence, Presentation & Negotiation to the phase of Post Merger Integration (PMI).

Starting a company

We help you save both time and money to incorporate your company in the most efficient way possible, based on your needs and business goals.


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