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Compliance with the EU AI Act

The EU AI Act

The EU AI Act is the first comprehensive regulation of AI in the world with a significant impact on all uses of AI. It is anticipated to enter into law by 2025 at the earliest.

The EU AI Act applies to users and providers of AI systems that are active in the EU market. Organisations developing AI systems must comply with the EU AI Act or pull out of the EU entirely.

AI systems are classified into four categories depending on the perceived risk: (1) Unacceptable risk systems are banned, (2) high-risk systems are subject to requirements of traceability, transparency and robustness, whereas (3) low-risk systems require transparency from the supplier and (4) minimal risk systems do not have particular requirements.

Our AI Compliance Services

Reach out to our experts to ensure that your AI or Machine Learning solutions fulfil the requirements:

  • discover to what extent the EU AI Act apply to your AI system
  • perform the mandatory risk assessment of your AI system
  • adapt your system to the appropriate requirements - category 1 to 4.
  • develop the transparency framework to inform users of the logic behind the AI solution

We can help you through the entire process – from educating the key staff in the AI Act processes, evaluating use cases, advising on the analysis to negotiating the relevant agreements with the buyer or supplier.

Our experience with artificial intelligence law

Our team of lawyers have successfully provided solutions across the spectrum of AI law. Our experience includes:

  • Acting for a global research and innovation organisation to develop trustworthy AI solutions and commercialise products
  • Advising a SaaS provider to develop compliant AI solutions embedded into a cloud service, as well as developing customer-facing SaaS agreements, and various terms and policies and acting for the SaaS provider in negotiations with customers in both private and public sectors.
  • Acting for a SaaS provider to implement AI bots in their customer support service, including performing risk assessments and customer-facing agreements and negotiations.
  • We have also experience from the GDPR field in dealing with the supervisory authority in the anchoring of data protection impact assessments, both as a proactive action (prior consultation) and as part of an enforcement action initiated by the supervisory authority.

We offer our services as a combination of fixed and volume-based pricing depending on your needs and preferences.

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