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Trademarks protect your brand and make your company stand out in the market. How you register your trademark is a big deal and can impact the level and scope of protection that you will actually have.

Our IP experts can help you through the entire process of securing your trademarks:

  • Availability Search – find out if your preferred name/mark is available in your selected markets
  •  Trademark strategy – how to optimise your protection in view of how you intend to commercialize your products, services and company
  • Trademark applications in Sweden
  • Trademark applications in the EU*
  • Trademark applications in the US*
  • International trademark applications*
  • Correspondence with the trademark authority
  • Advice in cancellation procedures*


*We work with our network of international consultants to provide competitive pricing and services

Price example – Trademark Availability Search – SEK 10 000 (excl. of VAT). We deliver a preliminary assessment of the trademark’s:

  • registrability
  • risk of infringement on any existing right
  • national and international accessibility surveys
  • Summarized report to the client
  • Follow-up advice


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