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Teaming Agreement

Teaming up with another company to share resources to bid for public procurement? A teaming agreement is the smart first step in a successful bid to win a tender. It is the contract between a potential prime contractor and its subcontractor under a specified public or private procurement. The agreement regulates the collaboration leading up to submitting a tender.

A teaming agreement should typically include:

  • Parties
  • Background
  • Setting out the roles of the prime contractor and subcontractor
  • Prime contractor's responsibility
  • Subcontractor's responsibility
  • Whether the collaboration should be exclusive or non-exclusive
  • Independent relationship
  • Expenses
  • Confidentiality undertaking
  • Licenses
  • Rights in new innovations
  • Termination
  • Publicity
  • Applicable law

Let us assist you in how to draw up a teaming agreement adapted for your situation.

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