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Internet of Things (IoT)

More objects are embedded with sensors and have the ability to communicate. These information networks – the Internet-of-Things – can create new business models, improve business processes and reduce companies’ costs and risks.

Our team of lawyers provide knowledgeable advice in intellectual property, cloud infrastructure and privacy aspects of the Internet-of-Things sector. 

Notable highlights:

  • We advised a tech company in developing its service offering with a combination of proprietary sensors and advanced Machine Learning and AI capabilities. Our team set up the licensing and SaaS agreements and advised in negotiations with key industrial partners taking the technology to the international consumer market.
  •  Our team advised a network operator in the development of its service offering of Smart Cities and in negotiating the agreements with several Swedish municipalities.
  • We have advised numerous IoT start-ups on SaaS models, ownership issues and preparing the company to raise capital. 

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