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Get direct and practical legal advice that support your startup. Resources may be scarce but great legal advice is not – if you turn to us. You can trust us to point out what business issues to prioritise in the near term and what legal issues you may park for the short term.

Our practice combines business and corporate advice with market-leading big data and data protection capabilities. Our lawyers know the ins and out of startup life and will provide direct and time-efficient advice relevant to your market, priorities short term and adapted for your long-term strategy.

We have several startups offers at fixed fees. 

Notable highlights:

  • We advise a fast-growing Nordic company in the property sector to develop a scalable offering packaged as a SaaS offering. We also provide advice on software, Joint Venture partnership and international expansion, licensing, SaaS agreements, commercial and data protection issues.
  • Our team of lawyers advised a streaming startup in developing their streaming platform, drafted the user terms and advised on the technical platform, online payment, and partnership agreements.
  • We advise a fast-growing SaaS vendor in the consulting sector in developing their SaaS offer, providing advice in data protection and performing various analysis and risk assessments (Schrems II assessments, Transfer Impact Assessments) and negotiating key vendor and customer agreements.
  •  We advise life science startups that combine medical diagnostics with big data and machine learning models to develop their offering and launch to market.

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