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Typical case & process

Typical steps for an agreement

Getting started

Usually an introductory video meeting.

You’ll tell us about your business needs.

Our quote will confirm the necessary steps and price. 

Our general terms and conditions always apply to our services.

Main drafting

Follow up questions during first drafting

One – two iterations based on your feedback;

Usually the first delivery within 10-15 business days

Guides and recommendation document walk-through in the delivery meeting.


You’ll get tips on what’s next and on additional services you might benefit from.

Together we will plan how to improve your position further.

To make sure you get the most of our advice, we follow up after a while.



Cost efficient

A clear objective

If you haven't  already scoped your business objectives before seeking advice, we will try to help you with that. This will give you better quality and cost control.

Dedicated senior contact person

You will receive a senior lawyer as your point of contact to ensure adequate advice and support.


We can keep our prices competitive without compromising on quality because we well developed processes and keep a vast database of templates and insights.

Quality Process

An important element in providing exceptional client care at Sharp Cookie Advisors includes being transparent about costs and keeping fee estimates. We have a continuous dialogue to keep you posted on your matters’ development.

In most cases, our service exceeds our clients’ expectations. So we are confident that you won’t have any complaints. But if you do, we are dedicated to resolve any quality issues that may arise amicably.

Let's get in touch

No obligations for the first contact; clear costs; confirmation before billing starts and often fixed prices.
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