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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a lawyer cost per hour?

The hourly rates depend on which field of expertise and experience the lawyer has. Fields of expertise that takes a lot of time to study for and keep up to date but with shorter assignments from clients usually costs more per hour. Market prices in Sweden for business lawyers at an established firm are usually between 1000 and 4000 SEK depending on seniority, type of case, volume discount and order foresight (requirement on evening /weekend work).

Our hourly rates are market-based but we can usually be more efficient and deliver more value than our competitors.

How do I order your services?

You can reach us by either using the contact form on our website, phone number or contact information on the contact us page to get in contact with us. 
One of our lawyers will handle your questions and contact you as soon as possible.
If you want to proceed with us as your legal supplier, we will agree on the scope of the assignment, price and delivery time. 
Our general terms and conditions always apply to our services.
We follow up our delivery and make sure that you are satisfied and if further adjustments or updates are needed.

What free legal advice from a lawyer can I get?

You should be able to discuss your matter from a high-level perspective to understand enough to decide on what kind of support might be important and decide what might be worth spending on that. To keep to the ethical guidelines of the trade and within the boundaries of the liability insures any responsible lawyer can however not give actual legal advice without establishing a formal client relationship. The type of questions you might despite that get answered for free will probably be something that you could get answered by searching the internet yourself.

If you are prepared to spend time on matters yourself you will find that we do share a lot of free tips and articles.

But of course with a growing business, it might be worth it to have someone else to spend their time and expertise on your specific situation.

Why is it so hard to understand what help from a lawyer will cost?

There are several factors that work against transparent pricing from law firms. The larger and more valuable customers usually negotiate prices with the firm they want to work with and neither party usually wants the details of those contracts to be known. Then there is also a challenge to find a price list that takes into account all the different conditions for a matter. For many questions, customers would want someone who has spent a lot of time preparing (study, research and keeping up-to-date) to answer something but spends a short time actually answering. With that, a price model for the time spent answering might not be the best.

Our way to try to offer you easy to understand prices is to offer fixed prices beforehand when possible. If that is not possible we can usually at least scope out the more predictable part to give you a fixed price for the first delivery with a determined scope which can be expanded when we both have it easier to decide the rest of the scope.

How exact are the price examples on your website?

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and understand that it is difficult to take a position on and gain confidence in services where we do not understand in advance how and what we will have to pay. There is a reason why legal services come to the bottom of the Consumer Agency’s report 2015 and we will not contribute to it remaining so. We therefore provide indicative price examples of services that we have experience of being able to have an idea of ​​where the price tag usually ends up with some certainty. Of course, we have a dialogue with our customers about where we are in the case and what the cost situation looks like.

Are you cheaper than others?

For us, it is simply a really good deal to offer good legal services on decent terms. We have the experience and we have used it to streamline many of the common agreements and matters that companies have. We want to give a good deal to entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies who just need quick and easy help with their most common legal issues.

That means that we can usually provide more cost-efficient support to our clients even if our hourly rates are comparable to others.

How can lawyers be so expensive?

We assume that you have not hired a lawyer before or that you hired one that was not worth the price.

We do not want our target group, fast-growing technology and media companies to turn to the Internet and search on their own for guidance and agreement templates. Think about how much your time is worth. Many law firms and law firms charge more and many do not have the habit and experience of working with technology companies and providing quick and practical advice that you as a client can use directly.

Do you charge extra for expenses?

We do not usually charge extra for expenses. If we do it is agreed beforehand and is usually for something like travel expenses outside of our home region.

We like your cost to be predictable and easy to understand so we try to avoid costs that might come as a surprise.

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