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Vesting and Accelerated Vesting (Fixed Fee Offer)

Vesting (we use the American term) is a legal mechanism in shareholders’ agreements that creates a strong incentive for founders to continue working for the company. In Sweden, vesting is actually a repurchase right or redemption right for the company and other shareholders.

To control a shareholder’s right to part of future value growth, two provisions are used in the shareholders’ agreement:

  1. requirements for a certain amount of work by a shareholder (Dedication) and
  2. the time period for shareholders to earn their share and when the company and other shareholders have the right to buy return the shareholding if the shareholder leaves the company (Vesting).
Accelerated vesting is variation gaining popularity as it ensures that a certain shareholder is incentivised if an exit or buy out is occurring ahead of the initial time plan.

Turn to us to tailor your vesting scheme to your needs. We have experience of different cliffs, thresholds and valuation models.

Price example startup-offer (excl. of VAT) – Review of your shareholders' agreement, 30-minute meeting with Partner to discuss the purpose of your vesting scheme, revised draft incorporating your objectives – fixed fee 10 kSEK.

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