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Shareholders Agreement (Founders Agreement)

Precise regulation of rights and obligations between your company’s owners in a shareholders’ agreement minimises the risk of conflict and increases overall job satisfaction. Establishing basic rules at an early stage for what concerns your founders builds trust, makes your founders work towards the same goal and increases the opportunities for you to raise venture capital.

Clients turn to us for our advice on how to find the balance in the:

  • Set up a basic shareholders' agreement
  • Founder’s dedication
  • Vesting model that works for the founders
  • Accession agreement for new investors
  • Market practice terms

We run a smooth project without taking over the corporate agenda and start by understanding your agenda, values and ambitions.

Price example startup-offer (excl. of VAT) – fixed price 20 kSEK, includes 30 min Partner video meeting with founders, review of drafts, presentation of our proposal for discussion, one iteration of draft agreement based on the client’s feedback.

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