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Letter of Intent (LOI)

Use a Letter of Intent for the early stages of your sale to signal to the market that there is a common understanding.

Our clients use the Letter of Intent in the early stages of a sale to signal to the market that there is a common understanding that a deal may be made. This is quite common in the public sector, or when suppliers are closing in on collaborations with international companies.

The Letter of Intent is typically a quite short contract, setting out the parties’ shared ambition to collaboration on a particular objective and sets out milestones or time line for when the continued negotiations might result in a signed full legal agreement.

We can help you review your draft or help you to construct your own Letter of Intent that is adapted to your organisation and services or products.

Price example – Letter of Intent is typically a more limited document than a Term Sheet and we can often quote fixed prices. A recent price example for a first draft of a Letter of Intent for a defined IT-development project is 10 kSEK (excl. of VAT). In case of a more extensive public-private partnership, a first draft start at 20 kSEK (excl. of VAT).

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