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Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements

For the collaboration to be profitable and stable in the long run, you wish to establish a structure for incentives, flexibility and influence over key activities and assets. Let our experienced lawyers guide you in the process. We have supported our clients to negotiate JV agreements in the sectors of R&D, Online ventures, PropTech, and various SaaS vendors.

A Joint Venture (JV) is when two or more companies work together to achieve one or more purposes. It can be about launching a venture in a new market or taking advantage of joint economies of scale. The JV could be established in the form of a new company or as a joint project.

Business Issues to address:

  • Find the appropriate company structure
  • What shall each party contribute, and how to value each contribution?
  • Management of external capital
  • Influence and decision-making power over the issues that matter
  • Control over important assets and key roles
  • Protect your investment and cooperation from unwelcome surprises (e.g. change of control), the redemption of shares)
  • How to exit from the JV successfully
  • Valuation methods

We offer our services as a combination of fixed and volume-based pricing, depending on your needs and preferences. When we can project the complexity and scope of work, we can provide price estimates.

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