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Second Opinion And Legal Opinion

Use our expertise and industry experience to get another legal perspective on matters of great importance to your company. Often clients turn to us for a second opinion on issues such as:

  • SaaS Agreement – is this agreement in line with current industry best practice and does it really fit with our business model?
  • Outsourcing – can we get another analysis of the legal risks and opportunities in this Request for Proposal?
  • Web scraping public information – How can we use web scraping to build our business? What are the legal risks?
  • Data Protection risk assessment – can this intended use of personal data be motivated?
  • Data Protection evaluation of suppliers and IT systems – is this a correct and fair assessment?
We can often offer fixed price projects if we can foresee the complexity and scope of the work.

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No obligations for the first contact; clear costs; confirmation before billing starts and often fixed prices.
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