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SaaS Vendor Support

We have extensive experience to advise SaaS vendors in a range of industries in setting up their optimal SaaS business model and legal structure. Clients often turn to us in their early business development phase asking us to provide advice on the legality of the infrastructure set-up and issues of data protection.

The relationships with our SaaS vendors are long term. Our expert and highly qualified Tech lawyers are well suited to guide you through the daily legal issues as well as providing proactive advice for longterm value creation.

Our SaaS Vendor clients range from start-ups, SMEs to international listed companies, span the B2B sectors of infrastructure & cloud services, facility management, healthcare, consulting services, IT-security, retail and B2C sectors of constructing, home styling, fashion and e-commerce.

As your legal partner we provide ongoing support in product development, data protection and compliance issues and requirements, negotiation with customers, procuring it-systems and evaluating sub-contractors, and training key staff in the essential legal processes and agreements. We will also represent your organisation before the regulatory authorities as applicable for your business (e.g. Data Protection supervisory authority or the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority).

We offer our services as a combination of fixed and volume-based pricing depending on your needs and preferences.

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