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Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice

The Privacy Policy document on your website, platform, services or mobile application informs and governs your service's use of your customers' personal data and personal information. It is a mandatory document to have and the content of what must be included is legally regulated by both data protection legislation (GDPR) and legislation and standards relevant for your industry and the markets where you offer your services.

The document is called Privacy Notice when it concerns a website and contains everything about how your company may interact with your customers, visitors and leads. Contents include what information you collect and use and for what purposes, the security measures put in place to protect the personal data, contact information to the data controller. The presentation of this information must be user-friendly and easily accessible to the average website visitor.

Why you should seek our advice:

  • Get a policy that is adapted to your business and your financial strategy (don't risk using another template that restricts your possibilities to take in new owners or re-organise)
  • Ensure that how you intend to use business data generated by users' use of your services is intact (and not prohibited or made unnecessary complex)
  • We are fluent in most aspects of website and e-commerce infrastructure and business models and will not ask you unnecessary questions.

Our skilled lawyers in data protection and digital marketing can offer practical and creative advice on how to balance your business model with integrity-friendly management of personal data. We offer our services as a combination of fixed and volume-based pricing depending on your needs and preferences.

Recent price examples (excl. of VAT) -

  • Basic Privacy Policy (a brochure website, no collection of personal data part from the voluntary newsletter) 5 000 SEK. Included a high-level review of client's requirements, standard template, English or Swedish language version, one draft delivered within 15 Business Days.
  • Standard Privacy Policy (standard company webpage with Google Analytics, various marketing tracking technology, newsletter, IT-security protocols etc.) 10 000 SEK. Included a high-level review of client's requirements, work based on template adapted for client's business model and sector, English or Swedish language version, first draft delivered within 15 Business Days, two (2) iterations of the document included.
  • Startup Offer: We offer a bundled package of website terms, privacy policy and cookie policy from 15 000 SEK. Included is a high-level legal analysis, the first draft of website terms in English or Swedish, delivery of the first draft within 15 Business Days. Note that the price applies to the creation of the first draft of a document and further adjustments are desired, or questions about whether the intended business idea is ok by law - we can provide a supplementary price estimate.

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