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Business support and operations

Take care of your business by choosing a legal partner that understands what you do. We know business law - you will benefit from our clear agreements tailored to your business needs that will help you negotiate the crucial contracts, such as IT services, Cloud Computing, SaaS services, General Terms of Sale, Joint Venture Agreements, and Outsourcing Agreements. Our team of business lawyers will support your business in all aspects of corporate life and business law, be it preparing the legal documents for startups, co-founders agreements, investor negotiation and drafting other corporate contracts. Read more & service examples

Negotiation, Term Sheet, LOI and NDA

As you take charge of your sales process and negotiation, we will help you all the way, driving the process from a commercial standpoint. Our objective is to get you the deal you want in the shortest possible time. We do not like to waste productive time – yours or ours – focusing too much on the minor issues that do not create business value. Depending on the type of… Read more & service examples

Review and second opinion

Our experienced business lawyers can help you review your organisation’s templates and proposals from other parties, ensuring that you do not miss any unknowns and safeguard your business interests. We know business law and are well versed in most business law agreements, from the standard agreements of NDA, Consultancy agreements, data processing agreement to more complex and tailored contracts of the investment agreement, reseller agreement and various customer contracts. Depending… Read more & service examples

Data protection and GDPR

We have an in-depth understanding of how GDPR requirements map to your company's processes and operations. Our team provides legal and best practice advice on GDPR structured around our data protection service offerings of GAP-analysis, enforcement actions, data breach management, risk assessments and Schrems II advice, as well as DPO services for outsourcing. Let us work with you to identify gaps in your processes, assess risks, and generate practical strategies that fit your budget and prioritize the risks with the highest impact. Read more & service examples

Cybersecurity and NIS2

Cybersecurity Excellence: Dive deep into NIS2 compliance with our meticulous Gap Analysis and empower your Board with tailored NIS2 Training. Safeguard your entity with practical expertise. Read more & service examples

Enforcement actions and data breach management

We have extensive experience in leading several high-profile clients’ enforcement actions vs the Swedish Data Protection Authority and can help you act with confidence when challenged. We offer our services based on our hourly rates and are open to providing volume-based pricing or retainer for longer assignments depending on your needs and preferences. Read more & service examples

GDPR Projects, Privacy Programme and gap analysis

Take care of your compliance by choosing a legal partner that understands your privacy practices.  You will benefit from our clear communication and risk-based advice tailored to your business needs, culture and resources. Read more & service examples

Risk assessments and legal operational support

We can help you set up the process for performing the various assessments required under the GDPR and provide strategic and legal advice to any data protection issues that may arise in the daily operations. Read more & service examples

Innovation, IP, AI and R&D

Let our intellectual property experts help you make informed decisions on how you can protect your research and innovation in the sector of life sciences and tech, software and AI. Proper protection and positioning of the assets are crucial to secure financing, collaborations and successful commercialization. Clients turn to us for strategic advice in the early stages of positioning their innovation for maximum opportunities. Our advice is based on our knowledge and experience in investments and go-to-market strategies and we provide creative and practical advice to meet those goals. Read more & service examples

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Helping organisations maximise their use of artificial intelligence (AI). We advise academia, suppliers of AI and buyers of AI solutions, and we know what it takes to do a successful project. Learn more about our legal services within the AI field. Read more & service examples

Innovation Support

Optimise your innovation's success by choosing us as your legal partner. We are knowledgeable in the innovation system and business models and can provide you with practical and creative legal advice. Read more & service examples

Intellectual Property

Protect your assets to commercialize them. We can do just that - creating the optimal protection to both protect and position your assets for monetisation. Read more & service examples

New and Emerging Technologies

Let us help you to navigate how to use the new and emerging technologies best. Our team of lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in solving tomorrow’s legal issues today. Whether your venture is commercializing Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, nanotechnology applications, social networking, or next-generation robotics, we are here to help. Be proactive and manage the business issues with critical legal implications: • How you can… Read more & service examples

Internet law, e-commerce and marketing

The market for online law, e-commerce and marketing has snowballed over the past decade. Businesses have become increasingly dependent on their websites to reach their target audiences and have struggled to keep up with the legal implications of doing business online. Our experienced lawyers can help you with the legal consequences of the emerging new technologies, including e-commerce user agreements and privacy policies, online consumer contracts, security breach notification laws, spam and unsolicited e-mail marketing. Read more & service examples

Online marketing and e-privacy

The digital marketing industry is facing an increasingly complex regulatory environment. With legislation from beyond Europe affecting all online companies and ad content, you must keep up to speed and approach legal matters for your business with the right advice. Our team of experts draw on a wide range of skills across multiple areas to provide bespoke advice for online marketing and e-privacy issues. Read more & service examples

Terms of use, privacy policy and domains

If you do not have the appropriate terms of use, privacy policy and domain names, you may be exposed to costly legal proceedings. Also, lack of correct terms can mean that you are not allowed to work in industries such as financing (fintech), legal tools (legal tech), or cloud services (cloud-as-a-service), school environment (edtech) or get a card redemption agreement with your bank (if you are an e-commerce actor). We… Read more & service examples

Investors, owners and corporate governance

We provide investors with scouting and legal analysis of technologies due diligence of target companies, Post-Merger Integration, Support company group and portfolio companies. Our team of lawyers helps entrepreneurs in technology companies of all stages, from "idea" to capitalization and growth stages. We maintain a network of investors and provide support for the negotiation process with them. This includes evaluating investment agreements (term sheets, share purchase agreements), optimizing business plans, negotiation for investment or acquisition, capital increase and fundraising documents. Read more & service examples

Buying or selling a company

We help both buyers and sellers of companies whether it is structured as a share purchase or asset purchase. We are exceptionally knowledgeable about where the target company has technology assets or is active in a digital market. Our business model is adapted for the scope of your needs – from retainer with reduced prices for negotiations to price estimates or fixed fees for more defined assignments such as due… Read more & service examples

Raising capital

To develop and make your company more attractive to investors, we offer broad support in business law. Before initiating the discussion with the investors, we will strengthen and develop the business plan's quality and legal conditions. The goal is to create real value that will transfer into a reasonable valuation, relevant terms and good interest from the right investor. We help sellers through the entire process – from the phase… Read more & service examples

Starting a company

We help you save both time and money to incorporate your company in the most efficient way possible, based on your needs and business goals. Read more & service examples

Procurement and outsourcing

We can help you with procuring standard services as well as outsourcing key business processes. Read more & service examples


Get on top of the central business issues when outsourcing a company-specific process or service. Being knowledgeable in various IT business models, our clients appreciate our on-point and direct advice that make the outsourcing process much more manageable. Read more & service examples


Drive an efficient procurement process when purchasing standard service offerings. You can rely on us during the entire process, from the initial analysis of business and legal requirements to negotiating the contracts. Read more & service examples

Software, SaaS and Cloud Services

We can support you with risk assessments, a balanced view and action-oriented advice on the variety of legal issues you may have when developing or implementing cloud, SaaS and software products. Read more & service examples

Cloud Services

If you are purchasing or supplying cloud services, we have you covered with the do’s and don’ts when evaluating, negotiating and managing your CSPs and cloud contracts. We have extensive experience to advise Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in a range of industries in setting up their optimal business model and legal structure of their cloud services agreements. With our expertise in data protection and regulatory we advise both CSPs and… Read more & service examples

IT Services and SLA

Let us help you review, improve and/or draft your agreements for the IT-services you deliver as a supplier or the services you purchase as a customer. You will get quick and direct advice that works with our extensive experience in reviewing, drafting and negotiating a wide variety of agreements in the IT domain. Clients turn to us to acquire our practical, insightful and creative advice on how to best deliver… Read more & service examples


Optimise your position while avoiding unknown and unnecessary business risk when purchasing or supplying software, SaaS and Cloud Services by customising the terms. We can help you with just that by providing creative and practical legal and business advice. We have extensive experience to advise SaaS vendors and purchasers of SaaS services and cloud computing in a range of industries. Clients appreciate our insightful and practical advice and in-depth knowledge… Read more & service examples


Landing a suitable software agreement is just as essential for your business as choosing the right supplier or the right software. We can help you do just that. At first glance, an agreement proposal may look innocuous but still contains issues critical to your business and not just legal issues that can be glossed over. You can turn to us for advice in various software agreements and terms from both… Read more & service examples

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