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Online Marketing, E-Privacy and Best Practice

A central part of marketing today is to build a stable and fast-growing customer base. A common way to do this based on inbound marketing is to create sophisticated responsive websites, presence in social media, online customer service in addition to any physical store. With these elements, attractive customer offers are created through target group analysis so that the customer is tempted to provide their contact information so that the company can develop the customer’s lead nurturing until a purchase or conversion.

Companies that succeed well in growing their customer base today often use some form of digital marketing strategy, “growth hacking” combined with content marketing. Through growth hacking, companies use creativity, analytical thinking and analysis of social interactions to sell products and gain exposure and involve keyword optimization (SEO), website analysis, linking, content marketing and A/B testing.

Our lawyers provide advice on:

  • E-Privacy Regulation
  • Emerging advertising regulations
  • Online Platforms Directive
  • E-commerce Directive
  • Influencer marketing and sponsoring
  • Social media marketing
  • Industry bodies’ standard terms and guidelines (e.g. SWEDMA’s ethical guidance on e-mail marketing)
  • International best practice and code of conduct (e.g. ESOMAR, IAB)
  • International industry frameworks (e.g. IAB’sTransparency & Consent Framework “TCF”)
  • Digital Copyright and web-scraping
  • Online trademark law and practices
  • Domains

Legal Issues That May Arise:

  • Email marketing vs spam - finding the balance
  • Social media marketing - using others' brands?
  • Using competitors' brand in SEO vs trademark infringement?
  • Using cookies compliant with e-privacy, GDPR, CCPA etc.
  • Linking to third party websites and risks of trademark infringements?
  • Use of other brands and public spaces in your campaigns and marketing messaging - what is acceptable?
  • Retweeting, quoting and reusing other people's content, infographics, photos and blog posts - what is acceptable?

We offer our services as a combination of fixed and volume-based pricing depending on your needs and preferences.


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