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Data Protection Officer (DPO)

We can act as your external Data Protection Officer under the GDPR.

Data Protection Officer (external / as a service)

We can act as your external Data Protection Officer under the GDPR. Our expert and highly qualified data protection lawyers are well suited to act as your outsourced Data Protection Officer.

Our DPO as a Service clients range from start-ups, SMEs to international listed companies, span the sectors of e-commerce, healthcare, digital marketing and infrastructure & cloud services.

As your outsourced DPO, we will provide ongoing monitoring and audit check-ups of the collection and use of personal data and training key staff in the essential processes. We will also represent your organisation to both the supervisory authority and data subjects.

We offer our DPO services as a combination of fixed and volume-based pricing depending on your needs and preferences.

Why Outsource The DPO Role:

  • Guarantees impartiality - an external DPO is free of any conflict of interest, can act dispassionately and may have an easier time challenging senior management.
  • Higher Quality Advice - external resources may perform better than internal resources whom may be restricted by business practices and lack of knowledge and experience.
  • Wider skillsets - the better tier of DPOs are not only highly qualified lawyers but also infosec and technology savvy with experience from multiple jurisdictions and industry standards.
  • Get a flying start - we are available on short notice, compared to long and complicated recruitments
  • Cost-efficient - DPO competence is in high demand and require a premium salary.

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