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Data Breach Response & Management

Be prepared for a personal data incident before it happens. With our experienced data protection lawyers, you can ease the burdens a data breach can place on your brand and its customers.

In the intricate landscape of the digital age, data breaches pose a real threat to the reputation, trust, and operations of tech-driven businesses. Our bespoke Data Breach Response & Management service offers a strategic approach tailored to your needs to navigate these challenges. Powered by experienced lawyers, we help organisations to prepare, respond, and evolve in the face of personal data incidents, ensuring compliance and safeguarding brand value.

Why is a Data Breach Response & Management Strategy Vital?

Despite having advanced information security measures, no organisation is immune to security incidents involving personal data. Unauthorised access, unlawful use, illegitimate disclosure, or data loss can happen. How prepared is your business to respond effectively?

Proactive Data Breach Preparedness

Mitigate the risk before it escalates. Preparation is the cornerstone of effective data breach management:

  • Process Establishment: We guide you in setting up precise processes and documentation, ensuring you can promptly assess 'high-risk' situations. We can help you monitor the developments to respond appropriately to de-escalate or escalate the response and various notification actions.
  • GDPR Adherence: Navigate GDPR's intricate 72-hour notification requirement with clarity.
  • NIS Adherence: Act by the applicable NIS requirements for your organisation and services.
  • Organisational Blueprint: Draw from our deep expertise in Nordic and international data breach management, aligning with NIS necessities and ISMS models.
  • Media Strategy: We provide input to your strategic communication internally, to customers and authorities, framing your response to resonate and reassure.

What We Offer for Proactive Preparedness:

  • Organisational do's and do not's for data breach management, setting up the task force, mandate, how to manage the board and CEO etc.
  • Comprehensive data breach policy development
  • Checklists tailored for swift breach response
  • Insightful legal analysis of crucial business considerations, creating synergy between your business priorities and actions
  • Notification templates for affected stakeholders, internal staff as well as external customers, authorities, and insurance company
  • Liaison with your forensic team
  • Input to media strategy formulation as suitable

Active Data Breach Management

When the storm hits, timely, astute action is of the essence. Stand firm, knowing we're right there:

  • Participation in the Crisis Management Committee: We are a composed and assured presence in the crisis management committee and complement your other managers.
  • Incident Classification: Classify incidents, assessing their potential implications and harms to affected individuals and your business.
  • Stakeholder Dialogue: Fine-tune and expedite critical communications.
  • Authority Liaisons: Champion your best interests while fulfilling transparency commitments.
  • Insurance Engagement: Navigating the nexus of policy adherence and representation

Business Engagement Flexibility

Every business, every scenario bears its distinct nuances. Our pricing architecture is crafted to mirror this diversity. While our standard mode of engagement is hourly, we're amenable to volume-centric pricing or extended engagement retainers, aligning seamlessly with your specific requisites.

Initiating Your Journey with Us

Embark on a partnership dedicated to safeguarding your enterprise's digital assets. In our first consultation, we'll delve into understanding the unique contours of your organisation, mapping out how our expertise can serve you best. Entrust us with laying the cornerstone of a robust data breach management strategy for your enterprise.

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