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Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIAs)

Support to develop or review your legal basis for your use of personal data.

Let us help to review your legal basis for your use of personal data in e.g. marketing, analysis of customer data etc. It is mandatory under the GDPR to have a documented Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) whenever your organisation rely on your legitimate interest as a legal basis for certain use of personal data.

We can help you through the entire process – from educating the key staff in the LIA process, evaluating the use case of the legitimate interest at hand, to drafting the actual analysis to drafting or re-drafting the relevant privacy notices and documents.

We have also experience in dealing with the supervisory authority in the anchoring of your LIA assessment, both as a proactive action (prior consultation) and as part of an enforcement action initiated by the supervisory authority.

We offer our services as a combination of fixed and volume-based pricing depending on your needs and preferences.

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