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IT Development, Consultancy Agreements And General Terms

Clients turn to us to review or negotiate their IT Development and Consultancy Agreements where they wish to obtain a sanity check of an existing draft or make a thorough review of the business agreement. We got you covered with the do’s and don’ts when evaluating, negotiating and managing your customers and contracts.

These agreements exist in a variety of forms and variations and can be adapted for your specific needs and circumstances:

  • General IT Services Agreement or IT Consultancy Agreements – where the developer performs certain services on hourly rates without delivering a specific project or result.
  • IT Project Agreement – where the developer is responsible for delivering an IT System with certain agreed properties.
  • General Terms – appendix of general terms and conditions that a supplier attach to their quotation.

We offer fixed price projects if we can foresee the complexity and scope of the work.

Price example – For a stand-alone review or improvement of a contract, we offer fixed fees for our work in the range of SEK 10k – 30k (exclusive of VAT).


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