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Digitalisation – how to solve the legal issues!

Sofia Edvardsen is a lawyer, digitalisation expert and popular lecturer. She explains how companies can handle the key business issues with legal consequences that digitalization and new technology bring with a positive and practical lecture style.

As a lecturer, Sofia manages to reach out and engage decision-makers with her deep knowledge of business and technology law relevant to business digitalization. In an engaging and accessible way, she lectures on digitalisation opportunities and how companies can navigate the emerging regulatory frameworks related to new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, Big Data and business models such as SaaS, IaaS and on-premise. Sofia's lectures are adapted to the needs of the target group, which allows her to offer up-to-date and concrete analyses and tips to the audience that they can take on.

Sofia Edvardsen has a long practical experience and thought leadership in cloud services, software licensing, technology transactions and data protection. She has a solid background in technology/innovation organizations and a lawyer at Baker McKenzie. Since 2015, she has led the business at the business law firm Sharp Cookie Advisors, focusing on technology and growth in the digital market (internet, software, digital media, cloud and mobile applications).

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Why hire Sofia as a lecturer?

Sofia is often invited by the media and analysis and trend actors in information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology as a legal expert in digitalization. She also has experience being a moderator and host of digital conferences. Sofia has access to her own studio-quality video conferencing environment. This allows her to regularly conduct professional digital lectures and moderator assignments, either video and/or podcasts.

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